Stillpoint Physical Therapy

Located in Sonoma, California, Stillpoint Physical Therapy provides the following services:

  • Orthopaedic functional manual therapy and
    neuromuscular re-education
  • Visceral and Neuromeningeal mobilization
  • Womens’ and Mens’ pelvic health services for
    pain, incontinence, or sexual dysfunction
  • Pre-natal/Postpartum preventative and restorative care
  • Postural and Body mechanics education
  • Preventative screenings for fitness and activity participation

About Em Squires

I spent the earlier years of my life as a visual artist exploring the similarities and eccentricities of the edges of structure in all forms of life and matter. (I found myself fascinated by the structure of a bee wing and how it held the same architecture as the structural frame of a leaf or petal). I later became a dancer exploring the same edges of structure in the context of movement, and became interested in physics as a way to explore the dynamic matrix of the body. This led me in the direction of physical medicine as a way to correct and enhance the efficiency of that matrix.

I received a Masters in Physical Therapy from Samuel Merritt University in 1998, certification in Pilates apparatus and floorwork with the Physical Mind institute in 2003, and in functional manual therapy from the Institute of Physical Art in 2008. Currently, I am studying visceral, vascular, and neuromeningeal mobilization from the Barral Institute

I view the body in many dimensions in order to identify the layer that is not moving efficiently. I approach each individual with the intention of sensing which dimension needs help in their individual structure. Most of what I do comes from an understanding of the physics of the body. There is a focus on the basic structural physics and coordination along with the quantum elements of being a living structure. Forever curious, I am continuing to pursue education and understanding in all planes of science and medicine.

Scheduling a Visit?

Here's what some of my patients are saying:


Em's understanding of anatomy and its intricate inner workings are just amazing. She is extremely intelligent, gentle, kind and most importantly effective. Doctors don't often "hear" their patients when they are in pain. They prescribe medication for everything, even when there is a problem that medication cannot fix. Em pinpoints the problem by listening carefully and then using her incredible sense of touch and knowledge to re-align the body and have it function as a whole.

Beyond Amazing

Em's knowledge is incredible. I continue to get hit with crazy things and Em solves each issue remarkably. I got hit in the teeth by my son - EM supported this healing and made necessary adjustment as I was starting to get Trigeminal neuralgia and this went away. I got a hit in the head and Em made aadjustments now I am feeling much better. I had some tailbone issues and a hip issue due to falling oddly and all have been resolved. I am healthy person who exercises & is in great physical health.


I came to Em with a 24-year history of chronic back pain and no hope of resolving it. I've spend $$$ on various treatments over the years, but nothing ever got at the root of it of the issue. Three sessions with Em and I am miraculously free of pain! I'm now able to sleep well and move with ease. Truly amazing! It really goes to show that working with someone who knows their stuff is the only way to go!

Five years of leg pain gone!

It is difficult to appreciate the true depth of gratitude of all the reviews here until you experience Em Squires' work yourself. Life puts the body through knocks and twists, incidents and accidents, and when the space for accommodation runs out, pain and immobility set in. Em peels back the layers, releasing and repositioning, allowing the body to regain its balance, integrity and flow of energy. If you are ready to release your body from pain, look no further.

Hands down best PT+ I've ever had

I've been to A LOT of physical therapists in my life, and not a one of them comes close to the diagnostic and treatment abilities of Em. Em has helped me heal from pain I have felt for decades, that no one else could solve. She also is working hard to get her patients to not need her anymore, which is refreshing. I feel that not only am I in less pain now, but my old age will be easier thanks to the deep healing she is helping me through now.

Em is the Real Deal

Well, I went in to treat a sore hamstring and hip, and got much more than that. Em scanned my body, found subtle twists of my spine, fixed my digestive problem, along with taking care of my hip and also my shoulder. Em really treats the whole body and even scans it at the cellular level ! No question that I would recommend her to anyone.